Gymagine Neurotherapy

Personalised neurodevelopment treatments for pregnant women, babies, toddlers, special needs children and adults, and elderlies with or without degenerative diseases. 

Gymagine Neurodevelopment & Psychomotor Therapies

Gymagine offers personalised programmes based on Neurodevelopment and Psychomotor Therapies. All these treatments are implemented with physical techniques (massages, mobilisations, specific exercises etc.) and behaviour and emotional management to help the person deal with different problems from a holistic approach and considering their medical needs. This way we can ensure a safe treatment for each and every person. 


Prenatal Fitness

Postnatal Fitness

High-risk Pregnancy

Prenatal Stimulation

Babies & Toddlers

Babies Early Stimulation

Toddlers Stimulation

Special Needs

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Down Syndrome

Brain Paralysis

Global Develpmental Delay


Genetic/Sensory/Physical Disorder 

Cognitive & Learning Difficulties

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

 Dyslexia and Reading/Writing 

Learning Stimulation

Elderlies & Degenerative Diseases

Physical Maintenance




Physical Rehab

Back Problems

Cardiovascular/ Pulmonary Diseases

Brain Damage

Gymagine offers personalised sessions both individually and in groups, always adjusting to your needs and interests.

Private Sessions

The therapist will attend your home to provide the treatment and teach the exercise routine to the patient, parents, family members, caretakers etc. hence the programme will be applied at home.

Group Sessions

Treatments and sessions can be delivered in groups. The therapist will attend the location (nurseries, schools, charities, hospitals, respite centres, community centres etc.) to organise and set the conditions to apply the treatment for every person, with the support of the staff members.

"Trauma creates change you don't choose. Healing creates the change you do choose"


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