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What is Neurodevelopment?


As human beings, movement is the way to begin processing and integrating sensory information and understanding the world around us. As babies, our brain is still not fully developed. Movement is essential to develop the Central Nervous System by creating synaptic connections, strengthening and myelinated neural networks.

Reflexes are instinctual movements to support babies’ neurological development and survival. There are different types of reflexes:

Vital internal and automatic: coughing, sneezing, blinking,
hiccupping, yawning, etc. They will stay active during our whole lives.

Primitive to provide the initial stimulation to make the synaptic connections and myelination. These primitive reflexes need to get integrated to give pass to controlled movements.

Postural to help with posture and motion. They are managed from higher areas in the brain once the primitive reflexes have been integrated, otherwise will not be adequately developed.

Babies, instinctively use certain rhythmic movement to inhibit and integrate these reflexes, to continue with me CNS maturity. Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) uses certain movement patterns similar to these babies’ moves that contribute to integrate the reflexes and allow the CNS to develop and mature properly by:

  • Establishing the foundations of the posture and Central Nervous System maturity
  • Building neural pathways
  • Developing vestibular function
  • Stimulating senses for better sensory processing
  • Improving memory, learning skills, attention, concentration, communication, emotions and behaviour

These movements stimulate the neuroplasticity of the brain and modifies its connections, not only during our childhood but also throughout our lives. Through reflex integration we will improve the general brain function, therefore the whole person function.

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