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Cognitive & Learning Difficulties

Neurodevelopmental treatments can be applied in distinct phases of our lives, to respond and overcome different needs and challenges derived from other difficulties or disabilities.  


  • Learning Stimulation
  • Dislexia
  • Reading/Writing Difficulties


Attention-deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder


More and more children these days are diagnosed with attention deficit with or without hyperactivity. Usually these disorders are not based in the cognitive area, instead they are allocated in other brain areas or its connections. By using certain exercises we can ease and reduce the hyperactivity and help with the attention difficulties, making easier these children’s life.

Dyslexia and Reading/Writing Difficulties

These difficulties are often stemming from motoric issues, such as laterality, fine motordexterity, visual integration etc. If some of the basic motor and sensory skills are not properly developed, further processes are not able to mature and function like expected. If we work on the real base of the problem, brain immaturity, we will be able to help those children to solve these learning difficulties and offer them a happier time at school. They are not illnesses, just labels, we should investigate the neurological maturity.

Learning Stimulation

Neuromotor therapy can be used in school to stimulate learning processes with mainstream children. By these exercises, we can help the children to get ready to face the school day with the brain ready to learn.

Gymagine offers personalised sessions both individually and in groups, always adjusting to your needs and interests.

Private Sessions

The therapist will attend your home to provide the treatment and teach the exercise routine to the patient, parents, family members, caretakers etc. hence the programme will be applied at home.

Group Sessions

Treatments and sessions can be delivered in groups. The therapist will attend the location (nurseries, schools, charities, hospitals, respite centres, community centres etc.) to organise and set the conditions to apply the treatment for every person, with the support of the staff members.

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