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Elderlies & Degenerative Diseases

Neurodevelopmental treatments can be applied in distinct phases of our lives, especially during elderly ages. They can additionally be applied to respond and overcome different needs and challenges derived from different difficulties, disabilities or diseases.


  • Maintenance
  • Degenerative Diseases


Aging is a process where all our body starts to involute. Keeping fit and active could help and make a change during the aging process. By stimulating the brain and the links will maintain physical capabilities such as strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination, etc. Also keeping the further mental processes (thinking, memory, learning skills, etc.) to be able to manage the daily activities independently for longer.


Parkinson affects different parts of the brain, from the Basal ganglia & brain stem are (first areas) keeps expanding up to the cortex. Certain exercises to stimulate these areas will help to improve the consequences of the disease from the physical aspects: imbalance, tremors, hunched posture, low control, swallowing, etc. and other possible effects of the disease regarding speech, processing and memory, dementia, depression, etc.; that could affect the person’s autonomy and quality of life.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

These diseases present certain common characteristics regarding the brain involution. In Alzheimer, cerebral folds get deeper and Hippocampus gets smaller. By stimulating the areas affected using neurodevelopmental exercises we can improve the quality of life of the people who suffers this illness, by maximising the capabilities of these areas during the course of the disease.

Gymagine offers personalised sessions both individually and in groups, always adjusting to your needs and interests.

Private Sessions

The therapist will attend your home to provide the treatment and teach the exercise routine to the patient, parents, family members, caretakers etc. hence the programme will be applied at home.

Group Sessions

Treatments and sessions can be delivered in groups. The therapist will attend the location (nurseries, schools, charities, hospitals, respite centres, community centres etc.) to organise and set the conditions to apply the treatment for every person, with the support of the staff members.

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