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Neurodevelopmental treatments can be applied to respond and overcome different needs and challenges derived from other problems, disabilities or diseases.  


  • Physical Rehab
  • Back Problems
  • Brain Damage
  • Cardiovascular/ Pulmonary Diseases

Physical Rehab

After recovery processes where rest is necessary, some physical consequences that can affect the brain functions could happen affecting posture, walking patterns, etc. Neuromotor therapy could help to fix this problems and settle the person again to an optimal function.

Back Problems

Our posture depends from our muscle tone, which is defined by the lower areas of our brain. Many of the back problems (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, sciatica etc.) need to be addressed from those brain areas to be able to correct the problem from the basis. Also specific muscle work will be implemented to help recovery.

Brain Damage

After brain damage, independently of the cause (infections, stroke, trauma, etc.), certain brain areas and their links could be affected and deteriorated. Neurodevelopmental exercises can help to reconnect the parts still functioning and the flow between them to improve the quality of life of the people suffering this condition.

Cardiovascular/ Pulmonary Diseases

Heart and lungs functions are regulated by the automatic areas of our brain. These kind of conditions could involve consequences affecting the person’s autonomy and welfare. By stimulating these areas we will be able to improve the functioning of the organs and the whole system (obviously taking into consideration the possibility of mechanical failures/problems).

Gymagine offers personalised sessions both individually and in groups, always adjusting to your needs and interests.

Private Sessions

The therapist will attend your home to provide the treatment and teach the exercise routine to the patient, parents, family members, caretakers etc. hence the programme will be applied at home.

Group Sessions

Treatments and sessions can be delivered in groups. The therapist will attend the location (nurseries, schools, charities, hospitals, respite centres, community centres etc.) to organise and set the conditions to apply the treatment for every person, with the support of the staff members.

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