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Children & Adults with Disabilities

People diagnosed with different disabilities, including Autistic Spectrum Condition often suffer certain difficulties:

  • Problems in neurological development (brain structure growth and connections). This could affect organs functioning (digestive, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine) and provoke epilepsy.
  • Muscle tone dysfunctions, aches, tension, bad posture, deformities, low body and limb control, poor global coordination and fine motor skills, etc.
  • Chronic stress, overwhelmed, hypersensitivity and sensory problems, self-stimulating/self-harming behaviours, hyperactivity, difficulties to relax, sleep, etc.
  • Challenges with speech and communication, socialisation, learning skills, attention deficit, concentration, memory, etc.

All of these aspects are regulated from different brain areas. Reflexes are involved in the brain development and its connections. Unintegrated or immature reflexes, don’t allow the Central Nervous System to grow and mature adequately; therefore the person will be living in survival mode, not allowing further parts of the brain to develop and function properly.

Specific exercises, targeting the affected brain areas, will re-stablish the links between those networks and help the person to build strong foundations in the CNS and then develop up to the maximum potential.

Common Special Needs:

  • Autism
  • Down Syndrom


  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic Asthma

Gymagine offers personalised sessions both individually and in groups, always adjusting to your needs and interests.

Private Sessions

The therapist will attend your home to provide the treatment and teach the exercise routine to the patient, parents, family members, caretakers etc. hence the programme will be applied at home.

Group Sessions

Treatments and sessions can be delivered in groups. The therapist will attend the location (nurseries, schools, charities, hospitals, respite centres, community centres etc.) to organise and set the conditions to apply the treatment for every person, with the support of the staff members.

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